Rachel Noel

In May 2023 I saw an exciting opportunity to help Horsham Business Initiative undertake a consultation and develop a business plan in order to put the case forward for Horsham to have a Business Improvement District.

Having lived in and around Horsham for over 20 years I decided I was the person for the job as my combination of skills and experience provide the perfect combination to be a successful BID Manager.

What do I bring to Your Horsham and the BID Board? Well it’s fair to say I have had a diverse career. Starting off in environmental management and sustainability, my role evolved to incorporate business ethics and I was fortunate to be able to travel all over the world challenging some very high-profile businesses on their corporate strategies and auditing them against a range of environmental, social and ethical standards. I loved this job as I got to understand the workings of many organisations often from the factory floor, all the way to the Board room. I had the freedom to challenge and test systems, processes and people and check that what was published in their annual reports was a true and accurate reflection of what they did. This is at the core of what I do and transparency and integrity are crucial to any job I work in.

Throughout my career I have undertaken numerous stakeholder consultation activities and delivered so many training courses, I’ve lost count. I have also run my own business and have worked in a senior school helping sixth form students find their future path. Most recently I worked for the University of Buckingham Medical School as their Faculty Programme Manager working with students, hospitals, GPs and managing a team of administrative staff, I also ran two Major Incident practice events involving over 300 stakeholders including the police, fire and ambulance services.

I have been involved in a range of volunteer programmes and currently volunteer with a local village environmental group working to help educate people and improve our management of the local environment by finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve biodiversity.

I bring a whole range of skill sets to the BID and am not scared of giving things a go. I love a challenge and am always looking for new ideas and initiatives. I love Horsham and am proud of our Your Horsham logo which so accurately reflects the mood and feel of all our Board members. Most importantly I love meeting people and that’s why I think I will make this job a success.

I want to hear what you want and need to make Horsham Town Centre an even better place, so if you have not met me already, what are you waiting for?